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My Ordination Prayer
Almighty God I implore you to  send the Holy Spirit down upon me to
strengthen me, guide me and inspire me,help me  to become a small
instrument in answering the call first given by Almighty God to our
Founding Father, St. Francis, to “Rebuild My Church”.   I understand fully
that what you have called me to do will not be an easy task and that there
are many obstacles to overcome.  The least of which is my lack of
transportation to travel around the region that is being entrusted to me and
a permanent house in which to offer praise and Eucharist to You, Almighty
God.  A place where the faith community can gather together for worship,
meetings, counseling and other functions related to a strong and vital faith
community.  I fully trust that You will provide in your own time that which
is  necessary.  I pray that  The way of God lies before me, God’s shield
protect me, May God secure me against the snares of the devil and against
all his vices and temptations and the inclinations of nature and all who wish
me ill.   May Christ protect me today and always, May Christ be with me,
before me, behind me and in me.  May Christ be beneath me, above me, on
my left and on my right.  May Christ be in my breadth, my length and my
height.  May Christ be in the heart of everyone who thinks of me, the
mouth of everyone who speaks of me, the eye of everyone who sees me and
the ear of everyone who hears me.  I acknowledge that my salvation is in
the hands of Almighty God.”  I ask you Almighty God that you will direct
me on the road you have chosen for me, and that you will send to me those
lost children of Yours so that I may guide them back into your Fold, so that
there is only one shepherd, You Almighty God,and one flock.  Amen
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