Our Benefactors and friends

In this time when so many good deeds often go unnoticed, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the generous support of the following persons who make the work of the Franciscans of Divine Mercy possible. Without their help we would not be able to have our ministries to the Nursing Homes, hospices, and our parish Faith Communities.

Each of the following are remembered in the daily prayers and weekly masses of the members of the order. Be sure to visit our Franciscan Orders web site @ Order Franciscans of Mercy Website May Almighty God fill the hearts of each of the following with an abundance of the Gifts of The Holy Spirit and grant them health, happiness, peace and long life. AMEN

Ms. Rochelle O’Gorman, Gulf Of Westwood, Mr. James Martinson, Dr. & Mrs. Richard Garian D.C., Joseph D. Sharry, Mrs. Lucille Bain, John J. O’Reilly & Stephen, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zacharia, Ms. Bonnie Farrow, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christian, Mrs. Edith Johnnene, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Johnnene, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Johnnene, Ms. Francis Johnnene, Ms. Ellen Sharkey, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hartford, Rev. Kevin Jensen, Mrs. Rosemary Sheldon, Rev. John Midura, Tess McNamar, Mr. And Mrs. Jimmy Ryan, Mr. Robert Slagle, Maria Puggi, Ms. Rita R., Mr. & Mrs. Marty Keane, Mr. James E. Meady Jr., N. Kennedy, Dr. William Missert, Mr. George Roberts, Rev. Michael and Sister Mary Jancek, Rev. John Fleming, Very Rev. Stephen Flanagan DD, Francis Wells, Mrs. Roberta Dufresne, Rev. Robert Howard, Rev. Michael Scarlett, The Hartford Family Trust, Richard B. Traphofner, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Sacco, Rev. Chuck Rose Rev. Jeffrey Symynkwicz, The Wall Company, Mrs. Nina Staley Crofts Counselling Services, Mr. Allan E. Keane, Mr. & Mrs Fredrick L Wall III, Mr. & Mrs. John Coffey, Bishop Mel Borham, Tathagata Makherjee, Stu Baker, Mr. Paul Bonner, Ms. Mary Ann Sullivan, Rev. Albert Oneto, Mr. & Mrs. Brad Karalius, Ms. Elaine Presby, Jennifer Olin, Rev. Paul Meyers OFJ, Mrs. Denise Mujica, Mr. Les Yamagata, Mrs. Beverly A Trabucco, Anonymous Sioux City, IA, Tanya Marie Duval, Debra Zieminski, Mr. Ken Bowles, Deacon Michael Spearin, Peter Zayonce, D.T. & J.F. Flaherty, Mr. Bassam T. Younes/ Franklin Getty, Brad R & Christine W, Ms. C. N. Burke, Rev. Dr. Rogilio Carrera, Alexander Richards, St. Joseph Cupertino Parish, Mr. Ken Bowles, Brother David Ardito, Rev. Fr. Scott Kershaw, Ms. Marie Nonato, Mr. James Bender & Ms. Deborah Glass, Piotr Sobkowiak, Ms. Mary Nally, Mr. Jack Hazelwood, Mrs. Junie Marie Hinkley, Mr. Steve Heffern, Mr. Frank Nieves, Ms. Virginia Remedi-Brown, Howard Craeford & Akin Bak Farm, John Dantona, Judith P Yasi, Michael & Junie Hinkley, Joann & Kenneth Rienzie, Ms. Melissa Mercon Smith Ms. Christine Dean, David & Judith Yasi, Francis Fontenot, Cindy O Rourk, Bishop Bernard Sheffield, Chris Digan, Rev. Doreen Noble Brigham & Blaire Riddle, Brian Harvey, Louise Merrick, Lawrence Lewis, Elizabeth Rousseau, Julie Levesque, Santina Crawford, Jennifer Olin, Angelo Olin, Claire Griffin, Eric Sturgeon, Marion Clough, Albert Moore, Guenter Baum, Lawrence L.