God’s Call to Action
By Rev. Robert Johnnene OFM
Mission Saints Sergius and Bacchus/ Order Franciscans of Mercy
Reformed Catholic Church

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent you, and believe the gospel”
“Mark 1:15”  On this day I would like to suggest that every individual who believes that Jesus
Christ is the Son of God who became human, as proclaimed in Luke 3:22 “And a voice came
from heaven, ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; my flavor rests on you”.,   Every person who
believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob and David and the God who told Moses "I
AM WHO AM, needs to turn to back that God with devotion and prayer.  We need to ask God, in
His infinite mercy, love and compassion for all His children, to bring an end to the forces of evil
that have divided our nation, churches, and  families and causing  pain and suffering to innocent
children and adults all over the globe.   “And Jesus said to them, Come you after me” (Mark 1:17)
Several weeks ago we saw what damage the forces of darkness can cause when led on by
intolerant individuals who are only interested in their own self-interests and were able to cause
the havoc they did because so many have abandoned God.
Discrimination against people because of their skin color or national origin has destroyed so
many and still divides communities in spite of the progress that the United States has made in
electing the first African American vice president.  
Children are starving throughout the world.  Seniors have to decide between the medicines that
will keep them healthy and active or food and decent shelter.  A pandemic has taken over
400000 people lives because we were not provided correct information about the virus andc
many people refused to follow the medical and scientific professionals advice on stopping the
spread of the virus simply because their president did not lead.  
The time is now to put aside the things that have divided us and look toward the things that we
have in common and find ways of living in peace and harmony in praise to the creator of all
God allowed Satin to tempt Job in an effort to have Job deny God but Job remained faithful in
spite of all Satin did. I believe today the world is being tempted and many have gone over to the
dark side because of   wealth, fame or power.  This greed has caused financial ruin and great
loss to so many poor and middle income people all over the globe with the loss of jobs, homes
and the basics of life have been made worse because of the Covid 19m Pandemic.
I believe that action is needed on our part, just as so many of the prophets and saints who have
preceded us have taken, we need to plead for God’s help and the guidance of the Holy Spirit on
our newly elected president, vice president, Senate and House of Representatives to pass laws
and bills that insure equal justice to every man, woman and child regardless of their race, creed,
nationality, skin color, sexual orientation or gender identity and bill to aid the poor, sick, aged,
hungry, homeless, unemployed and low income families .
I believe that the times are calling us, by whatever name we call our creator; God, Yahweh, or
Jehovah;  to turn back to Him and give Him the devotion He deserves.  
I would like to suggest that everyone set aside ten minutes twice a day, every day for the coming
year, to give recognition and offerings of prayer to God.  We need to turn ourselves over to Him
and His will and petition Him to inspire not only the world leaders but all who hold positions of
power in Government, Religion, Education, Health Care and Communities to seek the means to
end those things that have caused so much pain and suffering to so many all over the world. I
would like to offer this prayer as a possibility.
Prayer of Petition and Dedication and Love to Almighty God
Almighty and merciful Lord God Almighty, open my mind, my heart and my soul to your infinite
mercy and love.  Guide me in the knowledge of your truth and help me to live according to your
will in all things. Channel me in all of my actions so that I might reflect the light of your truth
toward all I encounter.  Inspire me and those who have been placed in positions of influence in
Governments and Religions to find a way of settling the divisions that has caused nations to
battle and separation of believers.  Inspire families to love and care for all their children and to
recognize and accept the diversity of God’s plan.  Inspire all your children regardless of their
race, or creed; whether they are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Islam, Sikhs, or Buddhist; to gather
together in brotherhood and peace for the sake of the entire human race.  
Guide those who believe that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah of the ages and our
redeemer and savior to come together as one body, one faith living as Jesus taught with
Kindness, charity and goodwill toward all God’s Children throughout the world.   We call upon
you, O Lord because we acknowledge that all things begin and end with you.
You are the Alpha and the Omega. In humility and love, we plead with you knowing all too well
how we have failed to follow your ways in the past and we ask your forgiveness and mercy.  
Hear Us O God and answer our prayer.  AMEN © Rev. Robert Johnnene OFD, Mission Saints
Sergius and Bacchus