Having Faith and Trusting in God
A Reflection for 8/11/ 2019 the 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time By Rev. Bob Johnnene OFM
Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus/ Franciscans Divine Mercy of Reformed Catholic Church
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The lessons of the readings for this Sunday are about having Faith in and Trusting in God because only by
faith and trust in God can we achieve the promise of redemption and everlasting life.  The author of Paul’s
letter to the Hebrews, describes how all the prophets trusted and had faith in God.  The first line of today’s
readings sums up exactly what faith is; “NOW FAITH IS BEING SURE OF WHAT WE HOPE FOR AND CERTAIN
OF WHAT WE CANNOT SEE”   The letter then goes on to explain why all those who trusted in Almighty God
were and are still held in high esteem by God and man. The letter describes the trust and faith that Abraham,
Abel, Enoch, Noah, Isaac, Jacob and Sarah all showed and how they were rewarded for their faith. The letter
makes it clear that “ without  faith it is impossible to please God”, Taken from Hebrews 11:1 – 19.   
The Gospel reading from Luke 12:32-48 continues the theme of trusting and having faith in God when it tells
the story of the manager of the masters household who have been entrusted to safe guard the property and
servants of the master and awaits ready to receive his master when he returns no matter how long it may
take.  This reading might well be addressed to all whom God has chosen as His servants in the priesthood to
care for God’s family and property. The Gospel begins with these comforting words; “Do not be afraid, little
flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom” and ends with Christ’s answer to a query
from Peter You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect
him”.        The same Gospel also advises us on ways to serve God and our seraphic father St. Francis took to
this passage to heart and made it a part of the Franciscan rule; “. Sell your possessions and give to the
The responsorial Psalm tells us that “Blessed are the people the Lord has chosen as His own” On the eve of
the start of the 18th year as a priest on August 15th, I feel truly honored and blessed that God, for reasons
known only to Him, has pick me for the supreme honor of being His servant and I pray a servant to ALL His
children.                 I constantly ask myself if I am being a good servant and disciple of Christ.  I am acutely
aware of the blessed opportunity and the many challenges Almighty God has bestowed upon me.   I ponder
how well I have done in serving those who God has placed in my path and in letting all who have been made to
feel unwelcome and often rejected by some Religious denominations know how much GOD LOVES THEM AS
Am I doing enough to inspire them to claim their rightful place within the Mystical Body of Christ, The Church.  
By accepting to be God’s servant on earth all priests need to put themselves last before the needs of those
whom God called them to serve. O
Pope, Francis has made this very clear from the beginning of his being called to be the “Bishop of Rome” his
actual title by his decision to live a simple life in few rooms in a hotel for visiting clergy rather than in the
palatial palace of the Vatican.   
All the wealth of the world cannot raise a person any higher in the eyes of God than being a good, faithful and
humble servant of God to His children who He has entrusted to our care.  
So many people whom God has called have attempted to heal the divisions that have separated the One Holy
Catholic Apostolic Church that God guided the Apostles to establishe with the inspiration of Christ’s teachings
and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Among them was a proclaimed Protestant Brother Roger of Taize, who was
respected and welcomed into the company of the hierarchy of all religious denomination including three
popes, patriarchs of the Orthodox, Anglican and other denominations.  Brother Roger was a full voting
participant of the 2nd Vatican Council and has been called “the male Mother Theresa and the St. Francis of the
20th and 21st centuries.  This was truly a man of God and a good and faithful servant of God.   To me, Brother
Roger is what I aspire to emulate as a priest even though he himself, like St. Francis the seraphic father of all
Franciscan communities around the world, was never a priest. Brother Roger, who was murdered while
celebrating a liturgy, should be a model to all priests alongside Saint John Vianney the patron saint of parish
I close this homily asking that you keep me in your prayers this week as I begin the 18th year of my priesthood
on the feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother and the 39th year since I was ordained a deacon in 1980.