May 2020 Mission/OFM Finance Report

Balance as of       June 28, 2020                        $1296.14
Income                                                       $ 4
New Balance                                              $17
Expenses                                                    $ 12
New Balance July 26, 2020                        $5

We are very grateful to John Cavanaugh, Bishop Chris C., Dylan L., Fr. Alex B., Bishop Shane S., Jude
C., Lawrence L.,Albert Moore, John K., Kathleen B., Mary Lou L., Stephen B., Elvira P., Carl &
Patricia N., Dolores M.C., Gunter Baum, Ellie Pollozz, Dylan Littlefield, Joan Cavanaugh, Marilyn
McNeil, Dr. Clive Thorneycroft, Claire M. D., Franciscco D., John M. C.,Cornelia Forte, Waterview
Lodge, Chris Digan, Ann Rutter
, Dillan Littlefield, Brian Kirkland, and Jens Olin for their generosity.
We  are still short  $
2734.60 (Two Thousand seven hundred thirty four and sixty cents) to insure we
will be able to meet all our financial obligations for the fiscal year 2020.
Please consider making a donation by using the either PAYPAL DONATION buttons found on our web sites  &
or by sending your donation directly to our Mission Bank : Mission Sts. Sergius & Bacchus, C/O Middlesex
Savings Bank,  830 Washington Street Holliston, MA 01746
God bless you and keep you, AMEN