Retainer and Fees

There are no fee's for Baptism's or funerals or memorial services and other services are quoted as requested. It is expected that
individuals would offer a donation for these services.

Fee's for marriage ceremonies below.

Retainer Fee  $  100.00

A $100.00 non-refundable retainer fee is required to secure a time and date commitment for your wedding. It may be paid by
check or money order made out and mailed to Mission Saints Sergius and Bacchus, 181 South Main Street, #611, Fall River NA,
This retainer is due to the Ministry after the initial wedding plan discussion is complete to secure your date and time, part of this
fee goes to maintaining marriage records. Without a retainer your day and time is not reserved.
The Retainer Fee is applied toward the total cost of the Wedding.
Reasonable e-mails, and telephone calls from brides and grooms with questions about their wedding are welcomed prior to
A personal meeting at least 4 weeks in advance of the wedding is required to make the arrangements and fill out all the formal
paper work.
Additional fees are charged for making a memorial liturgy booklet and the printing.
If financial hardship is involved please discuss this with the minister.
Please notify the Ministry you have retained for any cancellations so they can remove the time from their ministry calendar.

Ceremony Honorarium Minimum $ 350.00

A minimum honorarium of at least $350  is expected for a wedding ceremony. Normally this is paid to the clergy person before
the day of the wedding.
Rehearsal, special ceremony preparation, parking, travel, or other special expenses are additional costs and expected to be paid
by the couple before the ceremony begins.

A Ceremony can range from $350.00 and up to $600.00.

Our Priest's gladly participate in any rehearsal or rehearsal dinner prior to a wedding service with the fee to be discussed at
time of booking.
To ensure that each couple is ready for the ceremony a telephone call to the Minister the night or morning before the rehearsal /
wedding is required.


If travel is expected out of the area, the bride and groom are expected to pay all hospitality and or transportation expenses for
the Minister. A cost will be discussed for the travel at the time of booking. Any services which require 30 or more miles of travel
must be fully discussed and include a $.55 (fifty five cent) per mile charge.