About Us
Most Rev. Fr. Bob Johnnene OFD

Rev. Fr. Bob Johnnene OFD Founder of the Franciscans of
Divine Mercy and the pastor of Divine Mercy Parish in
Massachusetts. Fr. Bob also founded Mission Saints Sergius &
Bacchus an all inclusive welcoming and affirming Catholic
ministry to ALL God's children especially those who have felt
unwanted, rejected or alianated for any reason to let them know
that God loves them exactly as He created them and desires
them to fully partake of their Baptisimal rights in the Mystical
Body of Christ, the Universal Church and experience all the
Gifts that God bestows upon them in 2004.
Friar Jens Olin OFM

Friar Jens has been an assistant at the food pantry at St. Bartholomew's Church
in New York, a caregiver at Sylvia's Place LGBTQ youth services center in Times
Square, a daily volunteer at the St. Francis Breadline at the Church of St. Francis
of Assisi in Manhattan as well as an archivist at the Larry Rivers Foundation
(also in NYC) before moving recently to Sarasota, Florida. Friar Jens is an
accomplished poet having writing previous books with Hanging Loose Press as
well as volunteering with homeless shelters, various meal distribution centers,
soup kitchens and animal rescue adoption programs. Current and future
ministries include working with sex trafficking survivors, local homeless
outreach, helping school children, volunteering at the Motes Aquarium,
Meals-On-Wheels and completing a third book of poetry to console those who
are marginalized and feel unloved by God, misunderstood.
Friar Paul Meyers OFD is the semi-retired former pastor
of St. Anthony Hermitage in Kennesaw GA and has been
a Franciscan for 52  years . Friar Paul keeps busy
repairing organs in churches and concert venues all
over the United States and is an expert of the History of
Franciscan communities around the world. He has also
served The Local prison as chaplain.
Sister Tanya Duval OFD is a professed Sister of the Franciscans of Mercy and
Lector and  Eucharistic Minister in our ministry to senior living facilities,
Nursing homes and hospices in  Worcester, Norfolk, and Middlesex counties
of Massachusetts assisting Fr. Bob in nursing home ministries. Sister Tanya
is also on the school board of the town of Southbridge and on the board of
directors for AIDS Project Worcester..