Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus
A Reformed Catholic Church Faith Community
Rev.  Robert Johnnene OFM, Pastor
Upton, MA 01568
email: Divinemercyparish@msn.com
Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church or The Roman Catholic Dioceses of Fall River, Boston, or Springfield
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Saints Sergius & Bacchus Feast Day, October 7th
Welcome to the web site for Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus, of the Order Franciscans of the Reformed Catholic Church. If you desire to receive the
our weekly reflections and Television send us a request.  The purpose of our mission is to reach out to all those who have become disenchanted, rejected,
alienated or felt unwanted for any reason and affirm the Infinite, Everlasting and unconditional mercy and love of God for all His children.
All Baptised Catholics and Christians of all denominations are welcome in our ministry. We affirm that God loves all His children and wants them to
return to His loving presence and to claim their rightful place within the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church.  God desires all His children to reclaim
their rightful place in the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  Use the CONTACT page to correspond with us.  May Almighty God fill your heart with
His everlasting peace and the knowledge that He loves everything He has created, especially you.   Pax Christi, Rev. Robert Johnnene OFM, Pastor
Welcome to Mission Saints Sergius and Bacchus & Order Franciscans of Mercy
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Thankfully, we paid our September and have enough for October and most of Novembers mission bills
thanks to the generosity of Ann R, Barbara B., Claire D., Cornelia F., Dolores C., John C, Katherine M.,
Cecelia D., James L., Cecelia D., and Eric S. and the Faith community @ Fairview Estates.   We still need
22.85 for Novembers bills and then $847.66 for every month thereafter if we are to be able to celebrate
the 20th anniversary of the founding of Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus in 2021.  We hope to soon be able
to resume our Weekly TV show and celebrating Mass at the 3 facilities we served every Sunday prior to the
Pandemic suspended everything including closing the TV studio. We lost over $550 a month since February
in donations and Offertory collections. Our annual operating expenses are for 2021 are projected to be
$10651.92.   Please make a tax-deductible contribution. To make a donation go to our web site www.
missionstsergius.org put your curser on the DONATE button on every page,  you will be taken to PayPal
where you can safely and securely make a donation; OR send your check or money order directly to the
Mission Bank account:  MISSIONS SAINTS SERGIUS & BACCHUS, C/O Middlesex Savings Bank, 830
Washington Street, Holliston, MA, 01746.   Please insure we will celebrate our 20th year by donating, For
those who have donated, God Bless you and thank you.  Pace’ et Bene’ "Peace and all good!  Rev. Bob
Johnnene OFM